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This weekend that I had wasn’t as planned…

I was really sick on Friday so it prevented me to go to the 678 event on Friday and Saturday morning. I wished I could, I’ve never been to the City museum and I wanted to spend time with the 6th- 8th graders. I heard they had a great time there and I am glad that I had time to recovery for this week. So my Friday and Saturday were pretty chill.

On Sunday I had the Religious School at Kol Rinah, where we continued to talk about the Israeli singer Arik Einstein, listened to his song “Adon Shoko”, mister hot chocolate, ate chocolate and then watched a video in the Hebrew sign language for the song “Ani V’Ata”, that we listen to last week and filmed ourselves making the video in the Hebrew sign language! With the little kids at the Pre-K and Kindergarten I read the famous children’s book “Mitz Petel”- raspberry juice.

On Monday Guy and I met to prepare for our joint activity for the ECCs at all our congratulations next Monday amd at the evening we had dinner at Cynthia’s house with her family.

Tuesday morning I had the ECC at Shaare Emeth and told them the Hanukkah story, we talked about the symbols of the holiday and listened to a song in Hebrew that talks about the dreidel and we pretend to be dreidels.

After that I had the Religious School at Shaare Emeth and a class with the 7th grader where we talk about the ethics in the food industry and about kids’ labor.

In the evening I lead my first activity in USY, about Arik Einstein.

On Wednesday I had the Religious School at Kol Rinah, we talk about Hanukkah played a songs compilation and made art activity related to Hanukkah.

On Thursday I had meeting with Cynthia at the federation, staff lunch and ECC classes at Kol Rinah, we also talked about Hanukkah story, sang together Hanukkah songs, talked about the holiday’s symbols and had fun “being” dreidels!

Next week my mom is coming to town and I am so excited!!! I haven’t seen her for almost 4 months!

Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!