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Hello everyone!

I’d like to share with you all about my week!

On Sunday morning I had UH Sunday school which was so much fun!

I did a program about Hebrew words ‏related to Hanukkah !

The kids learned the main words about Hanukkah in Hebrew by a memory game!

It was a competition between two groups and each group goal was to get the most points by matching words and pictures!

On Monday evening I had a great dinner at my supervisor house!

We eat hummus, burekas, Israeli salad and more great things!

It was delicious!!

I had a wonderful evening with my partner – Shaked and my supervisor Cynthia ;)))

On Tuesday morning I had ECC at BA!

It was lovely!

I did my Hanukkah program with them!

We were talking about Hanukkah story and each on of the kids made his own “candle crown” and we all together built a human menorah! It was beautiful!

And of course I didn’t forget to give them my the present my mother sent me from Israel!

A dreidel to each kid 😉

On the same day I had also BA religious school!

On the first hour as always I taught the kids Hebrew and on the second hour I did a program about – The Dead Sea!

We were talking about the fact the Dead Sea is the lowest peace on earth, about the things you can do there, we were playing the game “Limbo” (to illustrate the lows) and many more things.

On Wednesday evening o had BAUSY meeting!

I had so much fun!

We played the dreidels game, we made latke and ate sufganiot !!

In addition we played “white elephant party”

It was so funny 😉

I got a scented candle, which smells sooo good!

On Thursday morning I had ECC at UH!

I did am activity about the menorah!

I showed the kids a menorah, we were talking about the reasons we light it, about the 9 candle, about the shamash (the candle helper) and talked again about the story of Hanukkah.

I taught the kids how to light a menorah and for the end, each on the the kids made his own menorah by popsicle sticks and stickers!

That was amazing!