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Shalom everyone! I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well! I had a good time this week and enjoyed the Thanksgiving break I had.

On Wednesday I had a meetings day with Cynthia and Guy and we worked on an activity Guy and I are doing on Hanukkah for all the ECCs at our temples! Then I had also a meeting with Cynthia just her and I 🙂

On Thursday I didn’t do a lot and in the evening we went to celebrate Thanksgiving and had a traditional dinner and I enjoyed meeting my host family’s family. When people asked afterward how was my Thanksgiving I said I think it’s like Passover but skipping the Hagada part. It’s about being with our family, having big dinner together and catching up. After the dinner we went to a friends’ house and then headed home.

On Friday, The famous Black Friday, I went shopping (how can I not experience the Black Friday) It wasn’t too crowded as I thought it would be but it was still a nice experience to have!

On Saturday I had an Israeli cooking class with my host family and the extended host family and they learned how to make an Israeli salad, which at the beginning seemed for them hard to make and then they saw it’s easy.

On Sunday I didn’t do a lot, had a day off.

On Monday, Guy, the other Shinshin had his birthday date so he, Cynthia and I went for breakfast to celebrate to him. In the evening his host family and friends celebrated him at a restaurant. It was so nice to meet everyone and unfortunately I didn’t spend much time at all with his host family.

On Tuesday and Thursday this week I had classes at the ECCs at Shaare Emeth and Kol Rinah and we talked a bit more about the winter in Israel and played winter games. On Tuesday I also had Religious School at Shaare Emeth and a USY lounge night in which we talked about our plans for the next months and what activities we want to do.

On Wednesday I had Religious School at Kol Rinah, and we talked a bit about one of the greatest singers in Israel- Arik Einstein, who passed away a few years ago, and listened to one of his famous songs- “Ani V’Ata” (You and I). We talked about the message of the song- doing changes together in the world and learned about Jewish and Israeli individuals that made change in the world that affected so many, for good.

Today and tomorrow I have a 678 (middle school) event through the Reforn Teen Initiative.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!