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Shalom everyone!

On Sunday evening I came back from a vacation in Chicago with my host family!

I had such a good time. We traveled a lot, ate good food and had sooo much fun!!

On Monday I had my 19th birthday!!! It was a PERFECT day!

In the morning I went for breakfast with Cynthia (my supervisor) and with Shaked (the other Shinshinit), it was delicious! During the day I went to do some shopping with my host mother but the real celebration was at the evening! I had a wonderful BD dinner with my family and friends! It was amazing! And in addition my host mother made me a birthday cake!

(with my favorite flavor – cookies&cream) And they got me some gifts too 😉

It was a great day that I would never forget!

On Tuesday I had such a good time at the ECC, I didn’t see the kids for a long time and I really missed them, and they missed me. On the same day I went with my supervisor at BA for late birthday lunch, we ate Sushi 😉

I later had religious at BA. As always, on the first hour I teach some Hebrew and I did a great activity with the 6 graders about Passover! We talked about the differences between the Israeli Passover and the American. We also talked about who is a leader. We spoke about two Israeli leaders, Shimon Peres and Yarden Jerbi.

On Wednesday night I had a NFTY meeting and I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t seen my NFTY friends for a long time and I’m glad we had time to hang out.

On Thursday morning I had ECC in UH! I did and an activity about the upcoming holiday – Hanukah! I taught the kids about the Hanukkah story and about the menorah. Then, we all made a human menorah! Each one of the kids made his own “candle crown” and then we took a gray picture! Also, my mom sent me a great present for the kids from Israel – dreidels! I gave each one of the kids a dreidel as a present at the end of the activity!

Have a Shabbat Shalom!