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Shalom everyone!

I had such a long and amazing week.  From Sunday to Wednesday I had the Shinshinim conference in Boston and Connecticut, I had the best time ever!

I met all of my friends from the other communities in North America. I heard a lot of stories and experiences form them about their experience in their communities. I have to say I feel so lucky to be in St. Louis, I got the best community ever!!! 😉

In addition, we had some sessions and classes about how to be a better Shinshin and how to manage my abilities at the best way.

The conference took place in Boston. I never felt so cold outside before. On the first 3 days we all slept in Camp Ramah in New England! It was a very nice camp, but as much as it was nice – it was cold. On the least night we all moved to a great hotel in Connecticut.

I saw the other older shlichim from the other communities, it was great!

So sum up this part, I have to say I had a very good time in this conference 😉

On Thursday morning I had only ECC, which was fun! I hadn’t seen the children for a long time and I really missed them and they missed me 😉

On the weekend I flew to a USY conference in Minnesota with the Bnai Amoona USY youth group, it was amazing. If I thought that Boston was cold, Minnesota was much more! (But less than I expected).

I had a great time there, I met new people and made more connections, which is one of my hobbies. I have to say that Minnesota is such a beautiful place with amazing views.

Have a great week!