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Hi! I hope you all enjoyed your week because I did!

On the weekend I went to the 6th grade retreat for three days and I really enjoyed my time with them! On Friday we went for a hike at night and learned to use our senses at night, and it was really nice and cold!! It was my first time being outside facing temperatures under 32 degrees!

On Shabbat I lead an activity about Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Israel, how it’s done, the differences and how I celebrated my bat mitzvah. In the evening we made S’mores and it was my first time doing it and tasting S’mores and I really liked it!!

On Sunday morning we left back to Shaare Emeth I am really glad I had the opportunity to bond with all the 6th graders!

Later on Sunday, I went to TopGolf for the first time and realized golfing is much harder than I thought it would be. After that I went to the book fair with the ECC of Kol Rinah. What a busy day!

Monday was super cool because it was the first snow day of the year!! I got really excited to see all the amounts of snow, although it’s not my first nor second time seeing snow.

On Tuesday and Thursday, with the ECC at Shaare Emeth and Kol Rinah we talked about the winter (of course) and learned in a fun way to say in Hebrew cold (CAR) and hot (CHAM). On Tuesday I also had the Religious School at Shaare Emeth and USY lounge night at Kol Rinah.

On Wednesday I had Religious School at Shaare Emeth.

Next week I am going to the North America “Shlichim” (emissaries) conference from Sunday to Wednesday and than from Friday to Sunday to the USY Kinnus in Minnesota

Wish you all a great weekend!