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Hello everyone!

I’d like to share with you all about my week!

On Sunday I had Sunday school! I did 3 programs on that day. The first one was about Israel in general and we were talking about the places in Israel which everyone would like to live. My second program was about the differences between Israeli school to American school, it was really interesting and the kids were surprised. The third activity was about the Palestinian in Israel. This activity was Rabbi Rosenberg activity which I took part of and said my point of view.

On Monday I saw the first snowing of the season (it was the first time I’ve ever seen snowing)

I had a great day with my family, we went to slide and it was so much fun!

On Tuesday I had ECC in BA! I continued my activity about the journey to Israel, we were talking about the Kotel (western wall) in Jerusalem and wrote notes!

In Wednesday night I went to BA to hear a group of people from an organization called “Breaking the silence” It was an interesting evening.

On Thursday I had ECC in UH! I did a great program about the place I live – my Moshav (my village) I talked with the kids about the thing you can find there and about my daily life there.

At the end each one of them made his own moshav 😉