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Hi everyone! How was your week?? Mine was amazing!

On Saturday I went to Champaign, Illinois with my host family and another family, Tenenbaum family, for a college football game: Wisconsin vs. Illinois. Was an amazing experience, although Wisconsin lost 🙁

On Sunday I had Religious School at Kol Rinah and we did activities about Sukkot and had fun together and with making our sukkahs or decorations to the Sukkah. After that I had a 678 event in which we went to “Sweetology” and decorated cakes with inspiration by the Halloween, ate few and also donated few. Was yummy! At the evening I went to Simchat Torah at Shaare Emeth and experienced for the first time with this event, heard the beautiful A Capella band from Washu and had fun talking to the people.

On Monday I went to the Children’s Hospital to visit an amazing and sweet Israeli kid who is hospitalized there and had surgeries there. I am so happy that I had the chance to visit him and to get to know him and his lovely family and it was one of the most meaningful things that I have done here! I hope to have the chace to see him again while he is here.

On Monday evening I went to Simchat Torah at Kol Rinah, and I really enjoyed the happiness, music, company and the atmosphere that were there!

On Tuesday I had classes with the ECC at Shaare Emeth, we talked about Simchat Torah, the things that we do over and over again ( like in Simchat Torah when we finish reading it and start reading it again), read a whole book and started to read it again and made our own Torah Scroll!! Then I went to the Religious School at Shaare Emeth and it was really fun!

On Wednesday I had the Religious School at Shaare Emeth and a SETYG lounge night where we made edible Sukkahs!

On Thursday morning I went with the ECC at Kol Rinah to pumpkin patch (for the first time!) and I had sooo much fun to be with the kids (and the parents) and it was nice to have the opportunity to be with them outside of the classes! Then I had classes with them and we also talked about Simchat Torah! In the evening I went with friends to the BLUES GAME!!! Which was amazing!! It was my first time watching as an audience a hockey game and the atmosphere was crazy and they played really well (5-2 to the Blues!)

Today, Friday I finally get to see Cynthia after two weeks that I hadn’t seen her and I am really happy for that! Plus this, I have Dvar Israel at Shaare Emeth which will be about Breast Cancer awareness and I am excited about it!

Wish you all a great weekend!