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Hello everybody! 

I’d really like to share my week with you! On Sunday morning I went with my host family to an event about the movie “Harry Potter” in the bird sanctuary. It was so fun! We saw a lot of kind of birds and some shows about the movie.

On Sunday evening I went to a Simchat Torah event for the kids at UH. I really liked it.. we all held the Torah in our hands and it felt so amazing!

In addition to a dinner, there were some activities for the kids like makeup corner, inflating balloons and many more things.

Monday is my free day.. I took this day to take a rest for a little bit. On Monday evening I had Simacht Torah event at Bani Amoona. We had a lovely dinner and after that we all sang songs and danced.

On Tuesday I didn’t work because of the holiday so I stayed at home 😉

On Wednesday I had a busy day!

First of all I went to UH to plan more activities and programs.

After that I went to an event of a friend I met here in his high school.. the event was about Israel!

I talked about my connection to Israel and about my job here – as a Shinshin!

We ate Falafel and Israeli salad 😉

On the same day I had NFTY meeting in the evening!

I had so much fun.. I ate pizza and met new friends!

On Thursday morning I had ECC program! I started a new program calls – “the journey to Israel!” For the first activity each one of the kids made his own passport and his own airplane! We talked about the fact that I’m from Israel and we’re all going to have a great trip together to Israel!