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Hello everybody! 

I’d really like to share my week with you! On Sunday morning I came back from a retreat For 6th and 9th graders with UH, I had so much fun in the retreat!

At the beginning the kids had some programs about important things which related to the adults world. After that we had ODT activities, which needed a lot of team work like climbing, zip lining and many more things. At night, we had a fire camp, which was amazing. I had smores for the first time ever, and we also sang a lot of songs.

After the retreat I had a USY canned collection event! The kids made sculptures from cans and it was a competition. After that we had a little Kahoot game about the poverty in USA, which is a very important subject! At the same day in the evening I went to my first ever haunted house.. it was really scary!

And then .. Yom Kippur came.

On Yom Kippur evening I moved to a new host family just for Yom Kippur – the Reschke family! They received me with open arms and I’m very glad and thankful! 

So in Yom Kippur evening I went to the services at Bnai Amoona.. it was a wonderful experience for me 😉 On the next day I went again to Bnai Amoona, I had a program to do to the Religious school kids about Yom Kippur. We talked about the different kinds of forgivenesses and how the people in Israel celebrate Yom Kippur in Israel.

In addition, I was requested to read in the Torah the part of “prayer of Israel”.  It was a magical experience for me and I was really excited! I had such an interesting week and I can’t wait for next week – Sukkot !