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What a week I had! Full of activities and events, as I love!

I had Sunday school at Shaare Emeth, and taught at 4 classes- 2 of 4th graders and 1 of 5th graders in which we learned a bit more about Israel’s geography and we played Jeopardy including the categories of: Shinshin, Jerusalem, History and Geography. It was just an opening for the amazing year we are about to have together and just a “taste” of Israel. I had one more class with the very cute kids in the kindergarten, we “flew” to Israel and danced to Israeli music and had a lot of fun!

On Tuesday I went to the ECC at Shirley Green Pre School and to the ECC at Kol Rinah and we learned together about the upcoming holiday- Rosh Hashanah! We looked at its symbols, made cards wishing Shana Tovah for our families, I shared how we celebrate the holiday in my Kibbutz, sang songs and, of course, ate apples and honey.

I was at the Religious School at Shaare Emeth, and on Tuesday evening I went to Federation’s L’CHAIM event. I was so impressed by how many women were there and our power together. It reminded me that if we want, together, we can make incredible things.

On Wednesday I had a staff toasting at Shaare Emeth for the New Year and shared what we do on Rosh Hashana at home. I also had the PostCon class, and for the first time I was the one who did the class, about the Israeli election we had last week and after that went to SETYG!

So as you can see, I had busy yet fun week and I can’t wait for the High Holidays that are coming!!

Have a great week,