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I’m so glad I had such an amazing week!

So what did I do?? On Sunday I had Sunday school at Bnai Amoona. We had such a good time together! I did an activity about the Israeli slang and it went well. The kids learned some new words in Hebrew. On Tuesday I spent all my day at Bnai Amoona! I did an activity with the ECC’s kids about Israel and the Israeli flag! We learned about the colors of the flags and of course about the Star of David ✡

On the same day in the afternoon we had religious school. At first we learned some Hebrew (like every Tuesday). Then we had an activity about the forbidden fruit. We made a mixture of all the fruits which might be the forbidden fruit and we dipped them into melted chocolate! It was delicious!

On Wednesday night I had USY meeting which was wonderful! We had an activity about the Israeli elections. We made 2 posters of the ‘Likud’ and ‘Kachol Lavan’ (the two big political parties). The kids requested to write all the things they know about it! Afterwards we ate pudding, which was very tasty 😉

Finally on Thursday – the end to the week 😉 I had such a good time at the ECC at United Hebrew. I did an activity about the Israeli songs! We learned how to dance the “hockey pokey” in Hebrew – including all the movements in Hebrew! Then I taught the kids a song in Hebrew, which I loved when I was a little kid, called “Behind the Mountain” and we also learned how to count in Hebrew.

I feel my week was full of fun and new things!