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Hello everyone. My name is Guy, I am from Israel, and I am the new Shinshin at United Hebrew and Bnai Amoona.

The decision to become a Shinshin through the Jewish Agency came to me one year ago. The process to get accepted into the program was so long: it took over six months of many screenings and interviews, meeting with a psychologist and tests and many more things.

So what were the reasons I chose to come here? What are the reasons I chose to leave my home for a whole year and to be here with you all?

The story starts 3 years ago, when I was part of a program called ‘DILLER TEEN FELLOW’. This program fosters a connection between Israeli teens and teens in the Jewish communities all around the world.

As we all know, St. Louis has a partnership with Yokneam-Megiddo… The city where I am from in Israel has a partnership with Johannesburg, South Africa.

My love and my passion for the Jewish community abroad Israel started when I flew to Johannesburg through the Diller Teen Fellow program. I saw how much the Jewish people have a love for Israel and want to know more about it. When some people there heard I was form Israel they got exited! They asked a lot of questions which made me sooo happy! They were very curious and enthusiastic and wanted to learn more!

They made me feel special. They made me feel like I’m someone sent for an important purpose! This program is one of the reasons I’m here. It was my first look into the Jewish community abroad which led me to stand here in front of all of you today.

My connection with the kids from South Africa was so deep and strong that we are still in touch after 3 years.

At that point I knew! I knew I wanted to get involved in the Jewish community abroad, to be part of that, to make an impact! I want to make connections and share my knowledge and my love for Israel with all of you.

What I want to achieve here is that people would know that Israel is such a beautiful place which has many cultures, colors, points of view, diversity and many many more things.

I want to be a role model and to let children and all of you know that you are a big part of the Israeli nation and now you have a new friend form Israel – ME!

And of course, I would love to learn new things and be exposed to a different part of Judaism. To actually live here for a whole year and to absorb your culture and your daily life.

I have already had the opportunity to work at a few programs, like NFTY and USY, at the early childhood center, at religious school. I see how much I can and want to contribute from my knowledge and about Israeli culture, and bring a little of Israel to St. Louis.

One of the kids from the ECC asked me – Guy, can you stay here forever?”

I got excited and I was sooo happy to hear that.  I have been here less than a month and I have already made connections and made a little impact. And of course it’s just the start.

I received the invitation to an interview with the St. Louis community ‪on January, 28 of 2019. I will never forget that day!

Welcome to the “baseball city”!

We are excited to invite you to interview for the Jewish community in St.  Louis, a lovely and warm community with the largest arch ever!

That was the mail I got from the Jewish agency.

At that point I was so excited and somehow I felt this is where I belong!

My first host family – the Pines, have received me with open arms and I feel very lucky and thankful.

I look forward to meet and connect with all of you.