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JProStl has announced a week of interactive workshops for staff who work in the St. Louis Jewish community. The Sharpening Your Skills sessions will cover leadership, presentation skills, time management, writing and editing, and managing the lay-staff relationship.

The sessions will take place Sept. 16-20. All of the sessions are stand-alone. Participants may choose to attend one or more that fit their interests and time. All programs take place at the Kaplan Feldman Complex, 12 Millstone Campus Drive.

Introduction to Leadership Coaching with Marci Mayer Eisen
Monday, September 16, 1-4 pm
Explore how to find “coachable moments” to empower others to increase their confidence and discover their paths to success. Experience what makes leadership coaching distinct from other ways to manage. Learn how to use coaching skills to enhance trust, promote teamwork, and advance problem-solving. Complementing her role as Director of Federation’s Millstone Institute and staff for JProStl, Marci is a graduate of the College of Executive Coaching and on the board of ICF (International Coach Foundation) St. Louis.

Presenting with Confidence with Maharat Rori Picker-Neiss
Tuesday, September 17, 9-11 am
What are the elements of an engaging presentation? How do you learn these skills, especially if you believe public speaking is not your natural talent? Rori will share how to deliver a message that demonstrates your knowledge, shares your passion, and allows you to connect personally with your audience. Participants will leave with tips to immediately enhance their skills and confidence, from small meetings to large gatherings. Maharat Rori Picker Neiss is Executive Director of the JCRC. Prior she was the Director of Programming, Education, and Community Engagement at Bais Abraham Congregation. Rori has worked for several national Jewish organizations and has presented extensively locally, nationally, and internationally.

On Time: Making the Most of Your Work Day with Sonia Dobinsky
Wednesday, September 18, 9-11 am
Learn how the science of timing, the process of supercharging your existing habits, and the use of an impact strategy for meetings combine to allow you to amplify your effectiveness on any given day. Participants will leave with a personalized strategic time management plan and tactical tools to immediately apply to your jobs. Sonia Dobinsky is the owner of Next Steps for Success, LLC based in Denver, providing professional mentorship to leaders and aspiring leaders in the non-profit world. Sonia previously was Vice President of Community Engagement for the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and prior was Executive Director of CAJE, combining her skills and expertise in the areas of training, innovation, implementation, and oversight. She is a CTI-trained coach and facilitator.

Writing and Editing, from Tweets to Annual Reports with Rick Jackoway
Thursday, September 19, 11:30 am-1 pm (includes lunch)
No matter what job you do in the Jewish community, you spend a significant time communicating through writing. Learn how to make your communications clearer and cleaner with dozens of proven writing and editing tips. You’ll discover how to make your subject lines punchier and content most relevant to the reader. Before becoming Federation’s Communications Manager, Rick Jackoway was an award-winning journalist and writing coach for publications around the U.S.

The Lay-Staff Relationship: An Important Conversation for Staff
Friday, September 20, Noon-1:30 pm (includes lunch)
Join JProStl to explore how we as staff can continue to advance our relationships with our volunteer leaders. What do we need to always keep in mind to keep them engaged and empowered as our partners in community building? Join dynamic and dedicated volunteers Jonathan Deutsch, Past President of The J and current chair of the Millstone Institute; Penny Alper is the current President of WashU Hillel, past Chair of the J Associates, and was Coordinator of the Kol Rinah Capital Campaign; and Phil Frischer, President of United Hebrew, for an informal and meaningful conversation about the lay-staff relationship.

To register for any or all workshops, go to For questions, contact Marci Mayer Eisen at 314-442-3810 or