Written by Lisa Gottlieb Cytron

The women of St. Louis and the rest of the 184 Momentum participants hit the ground running and enjoyed a wonderful tour of Old City Jerusalem. The mix of ancient, holy buildings intermingled with pizza parlors, barber shops, and residences was fascinating. We ended our tour on the rooftop of the Aish HaTorah building which provided the most spectacular views and photo opportunities.

We were then treated to a presentation by the most dynamic, energetic, and hilarious Rav Gav about the importance of observing Shabbat. After a talk on the “Power of Prayer” by Ruchi Koval, we proceeded to go to the Kotel (Western Wall) for personal prayer and reflection. There were many hugs and tears between us.

After time for lunch and exploring (yes, all of this was before lunchtime!), we regrouped and were treated to a concert by a trio of talented young women. We returned to the bustling pre-Shabbat Kotel for singing and dancing. The Momentum group shared a delicious Shabbat dinner to end the evening and returned to our hotel exhausted but so very rich in experience and spirit.