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These last two weeks were our last weeks working at Shaare Emeth and Kol Rinah’s Religious Schools. It was very exciting but also very sad. I want to thank everyone at each of these amazing congregations for making this experience unforgettable! It was the best year I have ever had and I am so grateful I got to spend this year with this wonderful community!

After all the parties, we lead an activity about Israeli Slang for the Israel Bound students who are going to spend the next three weeks in Israel! They are also going to meet our new Shinshinim Shaked and Guy! We are very excited for them and we are sure they are going to enjoy every second of their time in Israel!

Following the activity with Israel Bound, we met with the Cultural Leadership Group, and we made a presentation about differences between youth in Israel and youth in the USA. It was very interesting to hear their opinions about our lifestyle and the Military service.

Now, after all of this, I am about to start working at Camp Emeth as an Israeli Specialist. I am very excited to experience this and hope this will be an amazing closure for an amazing year!