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Hello everyone – this week went by so fast!

On Monday all of the Shlichim and I met the Chairman of the Jewish Agency Isaac Herzog. We listened to him talk about the Jewish Agency and what he believes that we as a Jewish community can do. He gave a very interesting lecture later that day at WashU regarding the different methods Israel is using for what Americans call “Social Security.” It was so nice to meet him in person and get the opportunity to talk to him.

On Tuesday at the ECC of B’nai Amoona, we played one of the most famous Israeli games: moving package. It was so fun and the kids loved this game! They were awesome and showed me that they remember almost everything we have learned this year.

On Wednesday with the BAUSY kids we had our last lounge night. It was so fun to hang out with every one of you this year. We said goodbye to the last board and welcomed the new board and the 8gh graders. I wish you tons of good luck next year!

Thursday at the ECC of United Hebrew, we read my all-time favorite book: The Lion Who Loved Strawberries. The kids learned some new words in Hebrew like – tut (strawberry) and Ary’e (a lion). After reading the book, we ate some strawberries and became our own lions.

Another special thing that happened to me this week: I went to see a real American graduation party. It was so fun and long.

This week was great and we’ll talk again next week!