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Wow what a CRAZY week we had!

It started off on last Thursday with Yom HaShoah – the Israeli Holocaust Day.

Then on Friday at the services at United Hebrew congregation it was the Israel Shabbat dinner with a nice Israeli dinner and a different service (more Israeli ;)) it was very cool!

On Sunday it was the last Sunday school at Bnai Amoona for the year. It was very sad to see everyone for the last time but I want to thank everyone for this year, everyone is so nice and I hope to see you when you will be in Israel! Also there was an amazing memorial ceremony at Shaare Emeth congregation in honor of the Holocaust. It was very powerful and nice to see how many people care.

On Monday there was a very interesting event: the annual fundraiser for AIPAC STL. So many people who care for Israel came and the room was full – from teens to elders! It is so mind blowing to see how many people care for Israel and keep supporting Israel. THANK YOU!

Tuesday was a strange day for me. Tuesday evening is Yom Hazikaron – the Memorial Day for the people who fought for Israel and died because of that and for the people who got murdered because of the terror attacks. This day is very important to me. Almost every Israeli that you will ask knows someone who got killed for one of the reasons above.  In Israel at 8 pm there is a siren that says that now the Memorial Day started and everyone stand for one minute without talking or moving and so did the ECC of Bnai Amoona. We stood for one minute in honor of the people who died. After that we learned about Israel and its symbols.

Later that day there was a Yom Hazikaron Ceremony at the JCC and it was so nice to feel for an hour like we were in Israel. On Wednesday night it was Israel’s Independence Day!! The event at the J was amazing and fun. It was so nice to see the teens from United Hebrew and Bnai Amoona there!

And now, this Thursday – at the ECC of United Hebrew- we talked about Israel’s Independence Day and played a fun Israeli game.

This week was super busy but in a good way! I’m so happy I get to spend this year with all of you!