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I can’t believe we are getting so close to the end of the school year!!

On Sunday at Bnai Amoona we learned new Israeli slang like ‘sababa’, ’yallah’ and try to speak with it.

After Sunday school we had a fun activity for the 678 graders. We went go-carting! it was so nice to spent time with the kids and win in the games 😉

On Tuesday at the ECC of Bnai Amoona we talked about the spring and special animals. We made butterflies and learnt a new song – the butterfly song in Hebrew. The butterflies turned out so cute and everyone sang so well! Later that day, it was the last religious school at United Hebrew. We made ice cream and talked about how our year was and what we’ve learnt. I can’t believe that religious school is over!

On Wednesday it was the last lounge night at NFTY! It was so nice to meet everyone throughout the year, go to conventions with them and spend time with people I love. I will miss you all so much and I can’t wait until you come to Israel to visit me!!

On Thursday at the ECC of United Hebrew we talked about Israel’s symbols – we played a fun puzzle game and made our own Israel flag. After that we danced with the flags.

May 2, 2019 is the Israeli Memorial Day for the Holocaust, Yom HaShoah. On this day we remember the 6 million Jews that got murdered just because they were Jewish. We will never let such thing happen again and that’s why we need to stay together, help someone in need and remember. That’s why today I will stand for two minutes, quietly and remember each and every one of them – heroes.

Have a fun week!!!