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Happy Passover and hello everyone!

This week I tried some new things! For example – an American Passover Seder! Which was very different from the Seder in Israel but I liked it and it was super fun!

On Saturday, there was a congregational Passover Seder at Bnai Amoona! There were a lot of people and we talked, read from the hagada, danced and so more. It was very nice to meet so many new families and people from all over.

On Tuesday at the religious school of Bnai Amoona, the 3rd-6th graders played some games related to Passover! I t was very funny and nice and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do this program.

On Wednesday night BAUSY and the Kol Rinah teens met up for a fun Passover activity and it was so nice to meet a lot of new teens that I have never met!

Later on this week, on Thursday at the ECC of United Hebrew we played a fun memory game and each kid got his own memory Passover game kit to make at home!

Talk to you on the next blog, happy holiday!