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Hey everyone!

What busy two weeks I had!!!

It started off with the NFTY spring Chavurah in Kansas City, which was super fun! We met with the kids that are part of the Missouri valley region. It was my third and last convention and I’m glad I got the chance to spend it with everyone!

Then at the religious school of BA, we talked about the Israeli elections! The kids heard about five political parties and then they had to vote! It was so cool to see and hear their thoughts about Israel and the elections.

On Friday, we had an activity in the ultimate ninja place with middle school-aged teens. It was so nice to see them and to hang out with them.

Also this week, in the spirit of April, we talked about the spring and the butterflies and even created some at the ECC.

On Tuesday, April 16, we had a speaker at Federation who came to talk about the Israeli elections and the outcome. It was very interesting to hear from him.

Ok so, it is spring time right now which means that Passover is coming soon!

On April 17, we had an amazing Passover Chocolate Seder for the community teens which was so much fun! We were around 70 people. Thank you all for coming to it, and I hope you had fun too!

At both ECCs we had a Passover Seder that was nice and funny.

We also made some posters for our friend Rom who came here from Israel. We wish him good luck and a fast recovery.

Have a lovely Seder and a lot of fun with your family!!

Talk to you next week!