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I’m back!!!!

For those who don’t know, I traveled to Israel to visit my family and friends!

The trip was so great, I traveled all around Israel. I went to Jerusalem, walked around the old city and of course to the Western Wall to put all of your special notes in it. I hope your wishes will come true one day. I visited the north and the south, and of course spent some time in my city, Modi’in.

I landed right back to one of my favorite holidays: Purim! At the ECC of B’nai Amoona we created gragers (Purim noise maker) and some beautiful eye masks. We danced to some Purim songs and made delicious Hamantaschen.

At UH we had a fun carnival and everyone’s costumes were AMAZING! We also had a funny shpiel with a Harry Potter theme. And reading the megillah was fun too!

I’m so glad to be back and can’t wait to have more fun with you guys!

Have a chill weekend and Happy Purim! 🙂