Our day began after sunrise with a great Israeli breakfast at Kibbitz Dalia in the Meggido region. We started off with a briefing on the goals, objectives, successes, and challenges from Yok’naem Mayor Alfasi and his team. There is excitement and progress around improving the lives of Ethiopian families in the area, helping create empowering opportunities for all participants of the programs. We heard about the education programs for new mothers and the dynamic Youth Futures program.

After a delicious lunch, we had the honor of spending time in the home of an Ethiopian Israeli who dreams of providing child care to families seeking higher education and improved employment options. We later learned about the at-risk teen initiative Aharai, where we shared about ourselves with some of the over 45,000 participants.

Next, we had a wonderful dinner to celebrate our 25 year partnership with the region with our friends from the Atlanta Federation and leadership from the region. It was a fabulous way to celebrate our commitment to improving lives of many living in Yokneam and Megiddo.

-Greg Yawitz