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Purim is coming!

This week I had lots of activities!

At Shaare Emeth Early Childhood Center, we had a Purim Bingo! We learned about Masks and why we wear them, about Queen Esther and what she did to save the Jews, and about Mishloach Manot – the special basket we give on Purim to our friends, family, and the poor, and we fill it with candies, gifts, food, and even clothes!

At Shaare Emeth Post Con Meeting, we learned about Israeli Politics and the Israeli elections through Music, with a song called the Sticker Song. We discussed the Pluralism in Israel, Yitzhak Rabin and Oslo Accords, and of course about the upcoming elections.

At Kol Rinah Early Childhood Center, we had a Shabbat Event with the Parents! We ate Pancakes, sang Songs with Rabbi Scott, and danced! Was really fun!

Last weekend, I went with my new host family to Top Golf! I don’t know how to play golf but it was very very cool! I am looking forward for the many activities we are going to have together.