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I cannot believe that this week has come to an end so fast!

We had so many new and fun things this week!!

On Saturday night at BA we had an under night with the 4th graders. We learned new things about Israel as a startup country and danced to some Israeli music. We also decorated the Rabbi’s goat, watched a movie and ate A LOT of ice cream.

At the ECC of BA we continued our journey from the Negev to the city of lights – Tel Aviv! We played some games at the beach and of course the most Israeli game – Matkot! After playing this game we made our own paddles for the game and played some more!

On Wednesday at USY lounge night we went to knocker ball at Chesterfield mall! We played soccer and smashed each other.

At the ECC of UH we continued our Journey from the Dead Sea to the Negev – the southern part of Israel. We met an interesting animal, the camel, and learned some things about it. After that we made our own camel with sand and added something nice to our Israel book!

This weekend is super exciting for me, my host brother Mitchell will become a Bar Mitzvah! I’m excited for his Shabbat service and to meet some new people too!

Will talk to you next week, have a fun weekend 🙂