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Hop on board, we are going to Israel!

At the ECC of UH and BA we are starting our Journey to Israel. First stop for the ECC of UH: Mount Hermon, which is the highest mountain In Israel. We “flew” to Israel and from the “airport” we took the bus to the north. We saw all the green trees outside, we felt the warm weather until we got to the mountain. There, we went skiing and we built a tall mountain together! It was a long and busy day but a fun one. When we “arrived” back to Saint Louis, we colored our first memory from Israel: the Snowman.

Can’t wait to see where we’ll go next time!

At NFTY we are getting ready for the Winter convention next week! United Hebrew is hosting it and our friends from Denver are coming to Saint Louis, I’m so excited to see them and I know the convention will be super fun!

To all of my performers, dancers, writers and such I hope you’re ready because WE WANT YOU to be part of our YOM HA’ATZMAUT SHOW!! All of the details are at the Shinshinim Instagram page – STL.SHINSHINIM and at the Shinshinim Facebook page – STL.SHINSHINIM.

I can’t t wait to see you at the first informational meeting on January 31st at the JCC!

Hope you will have a wonderful weekend 🙂