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I can’t believe it is already almost Winter Break!

We had a few things this week – On Saturday night at Bnai Amoona (BA) we had a great Undernight for the 5th graders. We had a nice dinner together and afterwards we had an Israel activity! We talked about Israel as a Startup country and learned about some of the many things that were developed in Israel.

On Sunday morning at United Hebrew Sunday School, the 2th graders learned a little bit about the differences between the Jews in USA and the Jews in Israel. We played “The Fact – Right or Wrong?” and most of the kids’ answers were correct!

On Tuesday afternoon at BA Religious School – the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders had an activity about Israel’s map and places in Israel. It was a fun time and we learned how to draw Israel’s map.

On Tuesday and Thursday at the ECC of BA and UH we talked about last week’s class including our body parts and we made beautiful hats that are matching to the famous song in Israel “La’Kova’a Sheli” (my hat).

This week was full of fun things and I hope you all have a wonderful Winter Break!