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Happy Hanukkah everyone!!

This week at Sunday school at United Hebrew, we learned about a special event that happened 71 years ago – November 29, 1947 – The Partition Plan.

It is the date that The United Nations General Assembly approved a plan for the partition of Israel. We played games that are related and learned some new things about Israel in the past.

At Bnai Amoona’s and United Hebrew’s Early Childhood Centers, we made a Muppet show of one of my favorite books, “Mrs. Keresh and Mr. Ma’aroch,” we read the story, made the characters of the book, and afterwards every kid got their own Hanukkah Book to take home!

On Tuesday evening after religious school at United Hebrew, two very famous mascots came to visit us: Fred bird and Louis. Together, we lit up the candles, took some pictures, and sang Happy Birthday to Rabbi Rosenberg. It was great time for all!