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Day 1: Jaffa and Tel Aviv


Reflections From Representative Crystal Quade

Goal of hybrid is to make the world a better and safer place, which is the same goal we have as Legislators. It has been interesting to continue to realize we left from Newark, which is the same size as this country.

Israel is a country that invests in business instead of bailing them out after businesses start to collapse. I found it amazing the government invests so much, up to 85 percent of a start up, and having IP over anything you create in the service is astounding.



So far, a very casual country, and that casual atmosphere fosters creative working environments. I was also very impressed with the professionalism and experience of folks in their very early twenties.

It seems as though the government and whole society encourages and supports its young people to be successful.


Above: Dinner with Professor Uzi Rabi, Director of the Moshe Dayan Center on Middle Eastern and African Studies and Chair of the Department of Middle East and African History at Tel Aviv University.


Reflections From Representative Hannah Kelly

Day 1 was absolutely beyond expectations.

We got to hear directly from folks investing in Israeli companies that have expanded to Missouri as to what we need to be doing to encourage that continued investment. Priceless for this Legislator.

The people are amazing. Israeli history speaks deeply to the importance of a continued strong bond between our countries as we write our generation’s history and protect freedom.

Side note- after a ten hour flight you didn’t sleep on, you WILL fall asleep in meetings. 😉