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Hanukkah is coming!

I am very excited for Hanukkah, and this week was full of activities and games for the upcoming holiday.

At Kol Rinah Religious School, we played a trivia game about Hanukkah and answered challenging questions together. We also danced to a Hanukkah special version of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake!

At Shaare Emeth Early Childhood Center, we learned about the city of Jerusalem. We talked about the “Shuk” (market) and the special foods there, we saw pictures of the Holy City, and we even wrote our wishes on a note and put it in the Western Wall.

This weekend, I’m moving to my next host family. I am very excited, but I’m also very sad to say goodbye to Jeff, Melissa, and Gabe Cytron. I am so grateful that this amazing and welcoming family was my first hosting family and made my first three months in St. Louis the best.