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This last week, the week of Thanksgiving, was so busy!

It started with a Shinshinim convention of four days in which I saw some of my Shinshinim friends that are volunteering with the Jewish communities in different places around North America. It was so much fun! We talked about how our 3 months have been so far, we shared our feelings, learned some new things and had the best time together.

After the conversation, I spent my Thanksgiving with my dear family friends, the Rogoff family. I met them through the delegation I was a part of last year and, since then, we keep in touch. I flew to Rochester, NY and from there we went on a road trip to Boston, Massachusetts.

We ate so much good food and, of course, the famous Turkey. Thanksgiving was a fun and nice experience and I’m glad I got the chance to spend it with people I’m thankful for.