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PJ Library has hired three Parent Ambassadors, whose job will be welcoming families with young children to the Jewish community and connecting them with other young families.

Abby Goldstein, Aleeza Granote, and MaryAnne Smyly Sabin all have young families and also share a passion of connecting children and their parents with our Jewish heritage.

Here is a little bit about each of these new Ambassadors:

Abby Goldstein

“Last fall, after my husband and I returned from Israel, we received a PJ Library book about a dinosaur’s visit to Israel. Once my sons realized that both the dinosaur in their book and their mom and dad were in the same place, they had so many questions about where we were and what we saw. They wanted to know if we’d climbed Masada, been to the Kotel, and even had questions about the falafel.

Without PJ Library, this conversation and many others on various Jewish topics would not have happened.

Now, as a PJ Parent Ambassador, I look forward to making authentic connections with other parents who are in the same season of life. I am also passionate about creating opportunities for families to have meaningful Jewish experiences and believe that the more personal and tailored to individuals that these experiences are, the more likely these families are going to be to become active participants in our Jewish community.”

Aleeza Granote

“My father is an immigrant from Israel and always taught me to have a strong Jewish identity and the importance of Jewish traditions. When I was younger, I was fortunate to attend a Jewish day school and a wonderful Jewish summer camp where I was immersed in Jewish culture.

These opportunities allowed me to connect to Judaism in a meaningful way. As a PJ Parent Ambassador, I look forward to being able to help others strengthen a love for Judaism.

I have two daughters (Ariella, who is 3 years old, and Mariah, who is 6 months), and we love PJ Library! Each month, my daughter is excited to receive a book and read it. We treasure the moments of connection through our Jewish identity.

MaryAnne Smyly Sabin

“Hi, I’m MaryAnne Smyly Sabin. Nine years ago, I met my now husband through Federation. He was a great package deal with the most amazing 2-year-old. As our relationship grew, I started attending PJ Library events with them. As a lover of books, reading, and the incredible world it opens up, I loved the idea and how it enriched our community.

Fast forward nine years and my twin 4-year-olds are involved with PJ Library, anxiously awaiting what book they are getting that month. We use our PJ Library tzedakah boxes, attend PJ Library events, and read the books before bedtime. I cannot wait for our now 5-month-old to start receiving her PJ Library books.

I look forward to being able to share my PJ Library experiences, make meaningful connections, and help new families take advantage of everything our thriving St. Louis Jewish community has to offer them.”

PJ Library is a free program that sends high-quality, age-appropriate Jewish books and music to families each month – with no strings attached. The PJ Library program is available to families with children ages 6 months to 8 years living in the St. Louis area.

Find out more about the Parent Ambassadors program or PJ Library by contacting Jennifer Baer Lotsoff at 314-442-3867 or