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The mission of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is to “preserve and enhance the community.” Two of our six strategic priorities are the security of the Jewish people and providing community infrastructure to serve those needs. Further, at the direction and leadership of Federation Board Chair Harvey Wallace, security of the community has become a top priority. It therefore follows that it is appropriate for the Federation to take a leading role in assessing and developing a response around community security.

For several months, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis has been evaluating the need and role for a Community Security Director. Approximately 25 Federations throughout the United States have established the Community Security Director role as a staff position. Many have been established in the last few years due to the growing threat.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis is pleased to announce that the Federation has entered in an agreement with Scott Biondo to serve the Community Security Director on an interim on basis.

The role of the Community Director will be to provide direction and maintain oversight for the development, organization, and monitoring of the St. Louis Jewish Community security operations and programs. The Director will work in partnership with the leadership of agencies throughout the Community to assess risk, develop emergency plans, and provide guidance and strategic direction to ensure the safety and security of all Community member agencies. The Director will ensure open lines of communication and coordination exists between the Jewish Community and local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies, as well as other national Jewish organizations and the Secure Community Network (SCN).

Scott Biondo has been working with the Jewish Community for over 15 years and brings over 30 years of security experience to the role. He recently led the development of increased security measures for the Jewish cemeteries. During this interim period, the Federation will be establishing a Community Security Advisory Committee to assess the needs of the Community and the need to make this a permanent role. Scott began his role on August 1.