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Jewish Federation of St. Louis is thrilled to announce that, thanks to the generosity of the Staenberg Family Foundation, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis is continuing its’ partnership with the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) to offer women with children under 18 years old a nine day journey through Israel. Preceding the JWRP Momentum Journey, the group will spend two days visiting the Jewish Federation of St. Louis funded programs in Tel Aviv, as well as our Partnership region of Yok’neam-Meggido.

What’s unique about the Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ partnership is that the participants have the opportunity to experience Israel with a focus on learning, leading and community. Through the JWRP Israel curriculum, the group of 16 women will learn Jewish values that elevate their leadership. As a result of this experience, the women will feel even more empowered to lead in ways that bring deep meaning and purpose to the community at large.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis will be bringing the following women to Israel July 16-26, 2016:

Stacy Abeles, Bonnie Davis, Robyn DeNorscia, Laura Ellen, Caryn Fine, Lynn Freedman, Kristin Friedman, Helene Frischer, Amy Gage, Jamie Goldstein, Jen Klearman, Stefanie Levenson, Shary Moulton, Vicki Singer, Audrey Wasserman, Sidni Weglarz

JWRP has partners all across North America including Jewish Federations. Since 2008, JWRP has sent more than 10,000 participants from 142 partner organizations in 26 countries on highly subsidized trips to Israel. The inspiring Israel experience incorporates deep Jewish learning, unique on the ground experiences and a bond with other women all committed to creating and sustaining a strong vibrant Jewish community.