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For Passover, Jewish Federation of St. Louis is encouraging young adults and families to sign up for Matzo in the Home, a Passover edition of Challah in the Home to ensure young adults have a place to go for Seder or meals during Passover. The program, from Federation’s Community Development department, pairs young adults with a host family in St. Louis to share home-cooked meals while celebrating Jewish experiences. The initiative helps young adults develop a sense of community with a local family by allowing for engagement in shared Jewish rituals. Alternatively, host families assist Jewish young adults in connecting with the St. Louis region and establishing a sense of community and family that might not otherwise be present.

To participate as either a young adult or host family, visit and fill out a form that will ask questions such as denomination of Judaism, dietary restrictions, and other qualifiers to ensure a good match. For more information, contact Nate Rosenblum at 314-442-3726 or