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Imagine you’ve just moved to a brand new city. You haven’t found a place to live. Friends are few or non-existent. The panic sets in – where will I live? How do I meet people? What can I do to get involved in the community?

Being a stranger in a new town can be a daunting experience, especially for young adults who are just going out on their own for the first time. Jewish Federation of St. Louis understands the challenges and uncertainties that people face when they relocate, which is why we support initiatives like Next Dor St. Louis, Young Professionals Division, Moishe House and others.

David, a current resident of Next Dor, moved to St. Louis in 2011 from Tel Aviv. “Next Dor turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. You feel that warm welcome as soon as you walk in the door. It’s helped me meet other young Jews, and best of all, I met my girlfriend there!” David now hopes to make St. Louis his home for many years to come.

With your help, we can make St. Louis a permanent home for many more Jewish young adults


Next Dor
Resident of Next Dor

Next Dor is the place for me to feel Jewish, meet other young Jews and make friends in St. Louis. It’s a very friendly atmosphere, no pressure at all, you always feel welcome no matter your background. – David Palatnik



YPD Board
President of YPD

Through networking, volunteering and travel opportunities, YPD has opened up a world of connections both personally and professionally. I want to ensure future generations continue to benefit. – Ben Cherry