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Website encourages people to give children the gift of giving this Chanukah

Jewish Federation of St. Louis has recently launched SPREAD THE LIGHT, a new website that allows people to purchase virtual candles with the proceeds going to different needs in the community. Chanukah is a time of giving but sometimes the best gifts are the ones we give for others. SPREAD THE LIGHT allows members of the community to gift a candle to a special person in their life and show how important it is to help someone in need this holiday season. SPREAD THE LIGHT makes the perfect gift for kids, grandkids and people of all ages.

Through the process, SPREAD THE LIGHT provides a much-needed way to start talking about the importance of giving and philanthropy. Three child-friendly presentations about needs in the community have been embedded on the site to help start the conversation. The messages from SPREAD THE LIGHT can be used as a fun way to show children and others how their contributions are making a difference.

Each $18 donation purchases one virtual candle. Anyone can purchase up to eight candles at a time and then present a custom gift certificate to a special person during Chanukah. Each certificate includes a custom login code that allows for placing candles on a menorah(s) of their choice. Each gift and candle is recorded on the site, allowing people to instantly see the impact that their gift has made in the community.

The idea for the website was born from a mother who wanted to teach her children about the needs of others during the holiday season. To give a candle today or learn more, visit