Women’s Philanthropy of Jewish Federation of St. Louis has launched a special program, “A Taste of Our Jewish Community,” to bring together a select group of women interested in learning more about our Jewish community and Federation’s role both locally and overseas. The unique six-part course provides an opportunity for individuals to enrich their knowledge of our community and connect with other community-minded Jewish women.

The class, previously called “Community Education Forum,” has not been offered since 2012. To maintain the quality of the experience, only a limited number of women were accepted to participate. This year, the following women will be getting a “flavor” of our community:

[column grid=”3″ span=”1″]
Tracy L. Berg
Lizzie Berman
Jennifer Bernstein
Randee E. Blum x
Lisa Broddon
Robin Brody
Amy Cantor
Lauren Cohen
Lisa Corby
Vicki Dubinsky
Helene Frischer
Lauren Gelber
Fran Balk
[column grid=”3″ span=”1″]
Abby Goldberg
Abby C. Goldstein
Lisa Gubernik
Lisa Hermann
Lainie Holzman
Susie Horowitz
Susan Kemppainen
Betsy Kerner
Melissa Klein
Amy Lampert
Elisa Mondschein
Jenifer Newmark
Lisa Litvag
[column grid=”3″ span=”1″]
Anna Poger
Lynne Prywitch
Jennifer Rosenthal
Julia S. Ruvelson
Erin Schneider
Jill Solomon
Susie Turkin
Melissa Wallace
Stacey Wallach
Amy Weiss
Amy Zucker

“We are thrilled to bring back this meaningful class with a fun, new twist so that these women can learn about our community in a creative way,” said Julie Gibbs, Director of Women’s Philanthropy. “Our passion for our Jewish community is a wonderful part of our lives and Women’s Philanthropy looks forward to exploring this further with the women in our class.”

Beginning October 23, “A Taste of Our Jewish Community” will run through March 2014, covering the following topics:
• First Course: Setting the Table
• Second Course: The St. Louis Jewish Community
• Third Course: What Happens to the Money in St. Louis
• Fourth Course: Caring for Jews in Need Overseas
• Fifth Course: How Are the Priorities Determined
• Sixth Course: The Culture of Women’s Philanthropy

Women’s Philanthropy provides an opportunity for every woman in the St. Louis Jewish community to connect with other women, our agencies and programs to inspire social good in St. Louis, Israel and around the world. As a place for women of all ages, backgrounds and interests, Women’s Philanthropy supports and enhances Jewish community life through fundraising efforts and special programs.