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I am most passionate about helping to grow our community by assisting young couples interested in moving back to St. Louis to find jobs. I am the President of Professional Placements of Saint Louis, a non-profit placement firm that links qualified individuals with top area employers. Part of the reason why I enjoy this work is because I believe in the strong Jewish community here. There are so many programs and services for young adults and families; it is easy to convince people to move back to St. Louis! Personally, I take part in YPD programs such as the recent JCC Labor Day Run or their Pancakes with the Professionals series. These events provide an opportunity for young adults to network with each other and build meaningful connections in our city.

My wife, Idena, and I recently became parents and have a newfound appreciation for the support that Federation provides for educational services in St. Louis. My father started Torah Prep School in our basement and Federation really helped make it a successful institution with the resources to provide a solid Jewish education to area children. Federation has proven to have a strong interest in sustaining Jewish education in St. Louis, and I think that is one of the things that make our city so unique.

I find that giving to Federation is just one way I can give back to this great community which has done so much for me and my family. It is my hope that through my involvement in YPD and other programs, young adults will be inspired to step up and join a community board or contribute to Federation. It is so important that we stay connected with the Jewish community and I appreciate all that Federation does for the organizations in our city. I especially respect Federation’s involvement in the Orthodox community, as I know that not all Orthodox communities receive as much support for their day schools as we do.

Here in St. Louis, we are all focused on the same goal. I am involved with Federation and our community because I know the priorities of Jewish education and engagement will remain for years to come.