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Unrestricted local allocations kept at the same level as last year

Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Board of Directors has approved a plan to distribute $8,560,538 to agencies and programs for 2014–15, a slight increase over the $8,495,456 allocated for 2013–14. The allocations include $3.46 million in unrestricted allocations to local agencies, the same amount as last year, and $2.44 million in strategic program grants that align with Federation’s strategic priorities, an increase of 2.6%.

“We are thankful for the donors who help us accomplish so much, including funding a community-wide network of organizations that care for people in need here at home, in Israel and around the world and nurture and sustain Jewish life today and into the future,” says Patricia Croughan, Federation chair. “We are happy to be able to allocate these funds to the partners and agencies that do so much positive work, addressing the most pressing issues our community faces every day.”

“So many members of our community, locally and globally, depend on us, so we are happy we can sustain our funding at such strong levels,” says Andrew Rehfeld, Ph.D., Federation president and CEO. “Federation is in a unique position to unite people and organizations to assess and address our community’s needs in the most powerful and efficient way. We are truly grateful that the generosity of our donors makes this possible.”

In addition to programs funded in previous years, a partial list of this year’s first-time strategic program grants includes:

  • Caring for Jews in Need–Domestic—grants for counseling through Jewish Family & Children’s Service targeted to members of the Orthodox community and for the Shalvah program at Neve Shalom for those dealing with addiction;
  • Community Engagement—grants for ITIM, an organization that addresses the problems that individual Israelis and foreigners encounter in navigating and overcoming barriers presented by civil and religious laws; for a model UN program for Jewish and Arab children through Q-School; for a bilingual preschool in Tel-Aviv for Arabs and Jewish children through Hand in Hand; for the Taub Institute social and economic think tank; and to support the Jerusalem College of Technology’s efforts to assist members of the Haredi community with job placement;
  • Ensuring the Jewish Future—grants for the JCC for a community Shaliach from Israel and to the Saul Brodsky Jewish Community Library for the archives;
  • Caring for Jews in Need–Overseas—grants for Beit Uri and Shekel for Israelis with disabilities and a grant for Cracking the Glass Ceiling, which helps low-income teen girls get training in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Federation’s Planning & Allocations subcommittee members carefully examined current needs of the community, reviewed existing programs and new projects, and allocated funds accordingly. Each agency and program is overseen to ensure that outcomes are met and operations are efficient. Their efforts represent the input of 50+ local lay leaders and professionals of various ages, interests and viewpoints. The Planning & Allocations committee, headed by chair Ruth Raskas, made the overall funding decisions that were sent to the Board of Directors and approved on June 26.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis Allocations Breakdown for 2014–15

Total unrestricted allocations to local and overseas agencies: $5,555,146 (64.9% of total) Targeted strategic grant program areas: $2,437,929 (28.5% of total)

  • Ensuring the Jewish Future: $1,130,547
  • Caring for Jews in Need–Domestic: $582,768
  • Caring for Jews in Need–Overseas: $532,489
  • Community Engagement: $192,125

Other (reserve fund, research fund, national agencies, dues): $567,463 (6.6% of total)