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This past week, Circus Harmony’s St. Louis Arches, an inspirational youth circus troupe, traveled to Israel with their Peace Through Pyramids program. This program is a collaboration between Circus Harmony’s St. Louis Arches and the Galilee Circus, a Jewish/Arab youth circus from Israel.  The groups are working together to co-create and perform shows throughout Israel to teach youth that it doesn’t matter where you are from, it matters how you treat one another. The cross-cultural social circus project demonstrates what can happen when people of different nationalities and backgrounds build something together.

Circus Harmony performed their first Galilee Arches 2014 show for the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Youth Futures program, which mentors youth at risk in Yokne’am, our sister city in Israel. This program and the Peace Through Pyramids partnership are both supported in part by Jewish Federation of St. Louis. We are so proud to be able to support a program that builds bridges in Israel and brings together youth of all different backgrounds.  Read more on their blog.

St. Louis Arches Circus

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