I have spoken a lot about the likely exodus of young professionals from our community over the last 20-25 years.  One consequence of this trend is that we now have seniors whose children and grandchildren are no longer living near them.  This means they are aging without the social and psychological support that comes with family nearby:  when a child or grandchild stops by for a cup of coffee, celebrates Shabbat or other family meal, or spontaneously calls to see about going to a weekend movie or show.

Federation has been working with our community for years to support this need.  Last week Federation’s Young Professional Division held its annual Senior Prom, a formal dance for the residents of our community’s Covenant Place.  Click here for a 4 minute video of the preparation and the event posted on the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s web site. Fostering ongoing programs like this provide inter-generational connection and social support critical for a complete and meaningful life.

Our community is proud to support a number of initiatives that provide seniors the ability to live decently as they age: the adult day center at the JCC; Federation’s St. Louis NORC;  the Covenant Place senior living facility and meal support to the seniors living at the  Crown Center .