Jewish Federation of St. Louis held its third and final event of the 2013–14 UMB Event Series for members of its professional societies with a night of fun at a hockey game, “A Cool Night With the Blues,” on March 4 at the Scottrade Center. More than 50 members of the Cardozo, Maimonides and Montefiore Societies watched the St. Louis Blues win against the Tampa Bay Lightning in a private suite. Not only did they get to watch a winning game with Oishi playing after his return from the Olympics, but former Blues players Terry Yake, Reed Low and Perry Turnnbull joined the professionals for a meet and greet.

The 2013–14 UMB series kicked off September 16 at the UMB Champions Club at Busch Stadium that was enjoyed by more than 60 attendees. Society-level donors experienced stadium tours, a discussion with Cardinals Baseball owner Bill DeWitt, and pictures with the 2011 World Series trophy. The second event, in November, featured a thought-invoking panel discussion on “The Cost of Education.”

This is the second year UMB has funded a event series for Federation’s professional societies. Co-chairs of the UMB Event Series are Ken Rubin, Michael Goldberg, Maury Poscover, Burt Garland, Dr. Carl Lyss and Dr. Barry Singer.

Trade society members are professional and philanthropic leaders in the St. Louis Jewish and general communities. The Cardozo Society is open to Jewish attorneys and judges. The Maimonides Society is open to Jewish physicians, dentists and healthcare professionals at the doctorate level. The Montefiore Society is open to Jewish accountants, stockbrokers, bankers, financial planners, insurance brokers and others in financial services. All societies also are open to students in the respective fields. Society membership is open to donors who give $1800 to Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ Annual Community Campaign ($1000 for those younger than 45). The societies promote camaraderie among local Jewish professionals, strengthen commitment to Jewish values and traditions through educational and cultural activities, and support the activities of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis. For more information, please contact Emilie Docter, (314) 442-3868;