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The St. Louis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC), a non-sectarian program that supports the healthy aging of adults 65+ in their own homes by providing opportunities for meaningful community involvement and increased access to support services, is fortunate to have been supported periodically by the Carl and Fay Simons Endowment for Senior Services over the past 10 years, and again in 2013 it was a beneficiary of the Simons’ generosity and foresight. Overseen by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, the Fund has been a supporter of St. Louis’ Jewish seniors since 1998.

Carl and Fay chose to support seniors because, according to Carl, they both have a “soft-spot” for older adults. They both were caregivers for their aging parents and learned firsthand the importance of supporting the independence of adults through stimulation, activity and care. When they left St. Louis in 1998, moving to Boston to be closer to family, they left a legacy behind that continues play an essential role in the support of Jewish older adults living in St. Louis.

Carl now resides in New York and has been an active volunteer in Dorot, an organization with a mission (like St. Louis NORC’s) that seeks to help older adults maintain their independence and age with dignity. Carl is specifically involved with Dorot’s friendly visitor program for homebound seniors. He spent five years visiting weekly with a woman beginning when she was 100 years old. Their visits ended only because she passed away at age 105. Carl certainly saw the power of socialization and its impact on longevity. He has begun visiting another homebound woman, who is now 106 years old.

St. Louis NORC is grateful to Carl and Fay for their endowment legacy.