For Daniel Platschek, 30, an international finance specialist with Berry-Wehmiller Company, the 2012 St. Louis Jewish Federation Rubin Israel Experience, was transformative. This is an annual no cost trip for Jewish adults aged 27-40. The trip’s mission, to inspire participants to become involved in the Jewish community, got Daniel’s attention. After he returned, Daniel scouted for a meaningful project in the Jewish community. The St. Louis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community piqued his interest. He introduced the program to his company’s Community Enrichment Team of volunteers, which “adopts” several nonprofits each year. NORC was selected. Daniel recruited fellow associates to volunteer to do yard work, home assistance and computer help. IN addition, company volunteers hosted programs on sleep and trivial pursuit. Most recently, his company subsidized four dinners at corporate headquarters for NORC residents, including the transportation of the NORC guests. Daniel counts himself lucky to have found NORC – and vice versa.