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An update from Andrew Rehfeld, Ph.D., President & CEO, Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Below, I share with you the recent summary of JFNA’s relief efforts in the south of Israel during the Gaza crisis in November. Our community raised over $61,000 in emergency relief to support these efforts.  For more information on the projects that were funded, please follow this link. For information on the allocation process itself, co-chared by Heschel Raskas, follow this link.

JFNA’s response illustrates the value of preparedness. Thanks to work over the last year, JFNA was able to quickly support the work of its partners (the Jewish Agency, the JDC, and the Israel Terror Coalition) to provide critical humanitarian relief. As the links above describe, these range from direct services to the most vulnerable (including food, therapy and shelter), to respite days for over thousands of children and youth away from the rocket fire.

In addition to our financial support, our Federation sponsored Rabbi Brigitte Rosenberg (Senior Rabbi at United Hebrew, and Chair of the St. Louis Board of Rabbis) to travel to Israel on a JFNA mission to show support to the people there from our region. The feedback we have received from those in the region has been tremendous, and helps us maintain links of our community with those who are suffering there. Rabbi Rosenberg has been speaking about her experience in the community since her return, and we are grateful for her efforts to raise awareness about the work we do.

I thank you for the continued support of this work, and your own contributions to make our own community here in St. Louis strong and vibrant.