The Rubin Israel Experience is a free Israel trip, gifted to 10 well-deserving young adults (27-40 years of age) who have NEVER been to Israel. The trip’s intent is to strengthen the connection of Jewish adults, at a critical stage in their life, to the state of Israel and broaden their perspective and knowledge for their Jewish community, in St. Louis, Israel & around the world.

The trip was born from the vision and funding of St. Louis philanthropists, Ron Rubin, Minister of Tea of The Republic of Tea & his wife, Pam Rubin. The couple put their creative juices to work, invested their capital and came up with a new venture: The Rubin Israel Experience. The program is modeled after Taglit-Birthright Israel, which gives free 10-day trips to college and post-college students aged 18-26. The Rubin trip is similar but fashioned for 27-40 year olds.“To do so, we felt they had to go to the source which, of course, is Israel,” said Pam. “We do the same thing in our business by sending our sales staff (ministers) to the tea growing regions of the world to learn about the product from the ground up…and they become invested in it. It’s about being in the trenches where the action is. That’s what sparks their passion.”

The Rubin Israel Experience saw its maiden voyage in November of 2008 and the 2nd Rubin Israel Experience Trip will take place from October 22-November 1, 2009.

This year’s chosen participants are: Kimber Chappell, Jennifer Deutsch, Kim Goldenberg, Jen Kaslow, Amy Bender-Levy, Rachel Pepe, Jim Deutsch, Rob Merlin, Alan Singer and David Steinbach. Federation Staff is Margo Schwartz.

See the 2008 Rubin Israel Experience‘s journal entries and view photos.

Blog Master: Kimber Chappell: Rubin Participant & designated group photographer/blogster