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Matching Gifts

Many St. Louis companies offer Matching Gift Programs. Jewish Federation of St. Louis is eligible for many of these programs. Companies often have certain preset requirements for matching gifts. Below is a list of how we meet these criteria:

  • Jewish Federation of St. Louis is a human and social service organization
  • Jewish Federation of St. Louis is registered with the IRS under 501(c)(3)
  • Donated monies are unrestricted



My company prohibits matching gifts to religious organizations, so how can they match a gift to the Jewish Federation of St. Louis?
Jewish Federation fulfills requirements of being a nonreligious organization, by providing human and social services, regardless of race or religion.

I haven’t heard of such a program at my company. How do I find out?
Email to the Human Resources Department or your supervisor with the provided text below.

Dear [NAME],
I am writing to inquire whether [COMPANY NAME] offers a Matching Gift Program to match a percentage of charitable donations made by employees to individual organizations. I appreciate your time with this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Do you have any official documentation to provide my company?
We provide a copy of our IRS letter documentation per individual request.

For additional information, please contact 314-442-3831.