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Apply to be a JFACE Innovator

Apply to be a JFACE Innovator

We Look for Two Different Types of Innovators

  1. Founders: You already have an idea to launch your own new venture or early stage initiative and want to combine your entrepreneurial passion with the help of JFACE and PresenTense to get it going. The venture must be in the idea or early stage.
  2. Changemakers: You do not have an idea yet, but you’re a problem solver who wants to work on an idea created from the Idea Slam or another source.

Applications for 2017 are closed.

Stay tuned for the next application cycle to open later this year.

Applicants Should Be…

  • Bold, passionate, creative, forward-thinking and open to the process.
  • Committed to pursuing an idea that will engage, leverage and inspire St. Louis’ Jewish community.
  • Interested in learning valuable tools and making important connections that will help you impact a Jewish community and the larger St. Louis region through a sustainable venture.
  • Excited about developing a culture of innovation for the St. Louis Jewish community and participate in St. Louis’ innovation community.
  • Eager to develop professionally by learning transferable skills and building supportive networks.
  • Willing and able to participate fully in all components of the program from January through June 2017.
  • Able to pay participation fee of $180.
  • Self-identified as Jewish or involved in the Jewish community in some way.

Want to Solve an Existing Challenge?

Based on the 2014 St. Louis Jewish Community Study we have identified several gaps in support of our local Jewish community. Many of the identified challenges are faced by the larger St. Louis community and solutions are scalable.

  • Poverty – 26 percent of households in the St. Louis Jewish community are poor or near poor.
  • Food insecurity – 25 percent of the Jewish poor and 28 percent of the near poor cut the size of their meals or skipped meals over the past year because there wasn’t enough money for food.
  • Engaging Jewish people who are unaffiliated, under-engaged, and living outside the “core” – 40 percent of Jewish Households are located in areas with low Jewish identity, high intermarriage, and low affiliation.
  • Engaging young families with children – 19 percent of parents with children age 0-8 are “undecided, don’t know” if their child will be raised Jewish, partly-Jewish or not Jewish; by time children are 9 years old, only 2 percent of parents are “undecided, don’t know”.
  • Engaging interfaith couples – almost half (48 percent) of married couples in St. Louis Jewish households are intermarried, and 43 percent of all children in St. Louis Jewish Households live in intermarried households.
  • Increasing individuals’ attachment to Israel – 36 percent of Jewish respondents feel somewhat attached to Israel, and 26 percent feel not very attached or not attached at all.
  • Mental health challenges in the Jewish community with consequences such as disconnection, joblessness, homelessness or even suicide.
  • Engaging baby boomers.
  • Formal and informal Jewish education.
  • Or solve a problem that you identified!

Expectations of Innovators

  • We expect all Innovators to commit fully to their idea and the process for the entirety of the six-month program.
  • We expect Innovators to push themselves outside of their comfort zone- changing the world ain’t easy!
  • Innovators are expected to attend all scheduled programming and meet with Coaches and Mentors.
  • Each Innovator will create their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the JFACE Coordinator and continually chart their growth throughout the JFACE Accelerator.