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The Accelerator

The Accelerator


We are part of a global movement of 16 Accelerator programs established to better equip visionaries with the tools and resources they need to change the world and mobilize the community behind their ventures – thus creating a sustainable ecosystem of social change and a culture of action.


Calendar of Events

All seminars will take place from 1:00-4:00 pm.

  • January 11 Orientation, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • January 22 Seminar 1: Visioning
  • February 12 Seminar 2: Empathy
  • February 26 Seminar 3: Environmental Scanning
  • March 19 Seminar 4: Prototyping
  • April 9 Seminar 5: Pitching
  • May 7 Seminar 6: Building Your Model & Budgeting
  • May 21 Seminar 7: Goals & Operations
  • June 4 Seminar 8: Friendraising & Financing
  • June 28 Launch Night, time TBD


Important Information


8 sessions, 3 hours each


In-person training by PresenTense providing theory and application covering Visioning, Empathy, Environmental Scanning, Prototyping, Building Your Model & Budgeting, Goals & Operations, Friendraising & Financing.

The PresenTense Curriculum is inspired by design thinking. The Innovators develop their ventures according to the following guided modules in three phases: Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation.

Seminars take place on the following dates: January 22, February 12, February 26, March 19, April 9, May 7, May 21, June 4.


One-on-One ongoing relationships

A coach has professional and/or academic experience with many of the specific issues that Innovators will encounter. She/he will work with the matched Innovator one-on-one over the six months, acting as a sounding board and providing support for reaching monthly milestones.


Field experts

Innovators have access to a network of successful professionals in the Innovator’s field of interest or area of growth. Mentors have come from a range of fields with varying backgrounds, all enthusiastic about supporting the Innovators strategically on their ventures.


Post-seminar deliverable requirement

After each seminar, Innovators are responsible to apply the lessons learn and complete a milestone, depending on their individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as chosen at the beginning of the Accelerator. The Innovators will complete milestones throughout the course of the Accelerator, progressively building out a viable executive summary.

Co-working Office Membership

For select Innovators

Six Innovators will have the opportunity, through an application process, to become a drop-in member of CIC STL (Cambridge Innovation Center).

Prototyping Funding

For select Innovators

Innovators will have the opportunity to apply for a small amount of funding from the Jewish Federation of St. Louis to test their idea.

Launch Night

Culminating event

The JFACE Launch Night is the culmination of the Innovators’ hard work – a final celebration of innovation when the entrepreneurs pitch and present their ventures to the St. Louis community.